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Namaste Photo Tours

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At Namaste Photo Tours we design tours for photography lovers, around the world.

We have put all the energy and enthusiasm into creating a series of Photo Tours experiences in some of the most amazing places on the planet.

We call them photographic experiences because in addition to capturing the best moments and places with our cameras, we will be enriched by the culture, enjoy the gastronomy and relate to the people of the place.

All this that I tell you we will do in a very small group of travelers with personalized attention and assistance to detail, so that the experience in addition to photographic is vital.

Juanra Noriega

Professional Photographer and Guide.

All Photo Tours are designed and guided by our professional photographer Juanra Noriega. Photographer with extensive experience in trips around the world.

Why travel with us



A long experience in organizing photographic trips around the planet, always with the company of professional photographer Juanra Noriega.


We travel with respect for the people and cultures we visit.


We are constantly renewing our photographic experiences. We are always receptive to our clients’ suggestions.


In all our trips, we seek the highest possible quality in accommodation, transport, local guides, restaurants, etc.


Our trips are made up of a maximum of 8 travelers, which makes the treatment totally personalized and the service much more premium.

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