Price: 3.795€
Tour length: 11 days
Availability: 6 seats
Date: August, 2021

Mongolia is truly one of the last hidden gems on the planet. Pure, undiscovered and full of a unique culture that has spread over thousands of years.

It is a place where you can see incredible landscapes, from dramatic mountains, to canyons, deserts and crystalline lakes.

Where the warm hospitality of the locals will move you to your soul. Known by legend as the "Land of the Blue Sky", this ancient region is subject to extraordinary weather conditions, which leave the sky surprisingly clear for more than two thirds of the year. The result is an enchanting experience waiting to be photographed.

The first part of our Mongolian adventure will take us into the vast and rugged Gobi desert, one of the last places on earth where nomadic life is still a living tradition.

We will travel in specially prepared off-road cars, with local drivers, and will be welcomed in traditional tent camps, where we will enjoy the most authentic cultural experience.

During a series of private sessions, we will have the incredible opportunity to meet and photograph the locals as they graze Bactrian camels across the sands of southern Mongolia.

In the second part of the trip, we will move to Western Mongolia, where we will have the privilege of living with several Kazakh families and photographing the hunters with their eagles.

Be inspired by the wild beauty of Mongolia and join us in this exciting photography workshop, where you will enjoy an intense cultural and visual experience.

Day 1. Ulaanbaatar

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia). The drivers will be waiting for us to transfer us to the hotel, in the center of "UB".

After meeting at the hotel and talking a bit about the trip, we will go for a walk in the city centre, before dinner.

Hotel Accommodation Khuvsgul Lake Hotel.


Day two. Ulaanbaatar - Flight - Dalanzadgad

Today we take the UB internal flight to Dalanzadgad. Departure time 06:20AM. The flight lasts 1.5 hours.

Upon arrival, we will check in at the camp and a little later, we will have our first photo session in the sand dunes of Khongor.

Accommodation at the Erdene Gobi Camp


Day 3. Khongor

Sunrise session in the sand dunes of Khongor

The Khongor sand dunes, which extend for more than 130 km, is one of the most beautiful and extensive sand areas in Mongolia.

The shepherds with their camels, will be waiting for us for a beautiful photo session.

Photo session at sunset on the dunes.

Accommodation at the Erdene Gobi Camp


Day 4.Khongor - Flaming Cliffs

After a sunrise photo session in the sand dunes, we will head towards the Flaming cliffs of the Gobi .

The Flaming Cliffs is a region of the Gobi desert in Mongolia, where important fossil findings have been made. It was named after American palaeontologist Roy Chapman Andrews, who visited the site in the 1920s.

The area is most famous for having the first discovery of dinosaur eggs. Other finds in the area include specimens of the Velociraptor.

The rock emits an orange color that shines brightly, hence its nickname. In Mongolia, this place is known as Bayanzag or Bayn Dzak.

Photo session at sunset on the flaming cliffs of the Gobi.

Today's journey: 140 km, 3 hours.

Accommodation in the Mongolian Gobi Luxury Tourist Camp


Day five. Flaming Cliffs - Flight - Ulaanbaatar

Today, after breakfast and the photo session at dawn, we will go to Dalanzagrad airport, for our flight back to Ulaanbaatar.

We will arrive at UB in the late afternoon, check into the hotel and go out for dinner in the city.

Accommodation at the Khuvsgul Lake Hotel.


Day six. Ulaanbaatar - Flight - Ulgii 

Today, we will get up very early to go to the airport and fly to Ulgii on a 6:00 am flight.

Ulgii is located in the extreme west of the country, near the Russian and Chinese borders. The majority of the inhabitants of this area are Kazakhs and represent 90% of the population.

It's really amazing and pleasant to arrive in Kazakh territory. Its inhabitants share all the qualities of the Mongolian people, respectful, welcoming, smiling and with a big heart; however, they have a great culture of their own.

After breakfast in Ulgii, we will go to the village of Sagsai, where we will meet the family of hunters with their eagles.

Photo session with the hunters at sunset.

After sunset, we'll return to our hotel in Ulgii.

Today's journey: 60km, 2 hours.

Accommodation at the Maksum Hotel.


Day seven. Ulgii - Eagle hunters

After breakfast, we'll go back to the Kazakh family in the same area.

It is a very special day for us, as we will have the privilege of enjoying a private festival with the hunters and their eagles, exclusively for us.

We can ask any of the hunters for the opportunity to have a private portrait session.

The whole event is only for our group; there is a public festival that takes place at this time, but the last few years it is totally crowded and there is almost no possibility of taking good pictures.

We will have available a group of about 8 or 10 hunters with eagles, for our photo shoot, in different locations.

Accommodation at the Maksum Hotel.


Day eight. Eagle hunters

After breakfast, we will leave for another epic place, for the sunset.

We organize private sessions with a total of five eagle hunters in the foothills of the Altai Mountains.

In the background we will have the sacred mountain of Tsambagarav (4208m).

After the sunset, we will return to our hotel in Ugii.

Accommodation at the Maksum Hotel.


Day nine. Ulgii - Tolbo lake

After lunch in the village of Olgii, we will drive (1 hour) on a paved road, to the beautiful Tolbo Lake.

Today we will have available 2 hunters with eagles, for our photo session at sunset.

I'm going back to Ulgii.

Accommodation at the Maksum Hotel.


Day 10. Ulgii - Flight - Ulaanbaatar

After breakfast, we'll go to Ulgii airport for our return to UB.

Flight departure: 7.30am. Flight time: 3 hours.

Free afternoon at UB.

Accommodation: Hotel Khuvsgul Lake Hotel.


Day 11. Return flight

International flight back.

End of the Journey.

The price of the photo tour to Mongolia is 3,795€ per person (shared double room).

Single room supplement: 600.00€



  • All transportation within the country.
  • Photographic advice by professional photographer Juanra Noriega and Bayandorj Lkhagvadorj.
  • All expenses related to the organization of the photo sessions.
  • Driver + petrol + 4X4 Land Cruiser with AC.
  • 4 internal flights.
  • Full travel insurance.



  • International flights.
  • Tips.
  • Visa.
  • Services not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Excess baggage on the internal flight. (Max 15kg).

This Photo Tour organized by Namaste Photo Tours is governed by these Terms and Conditions.

During this photo expedition, we will use modern 4×4 Land Cruisers, with air conditioning.


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